Jet Death 4

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General Ace and Kel are instrcuted by dash render to destroy darth hideous and his devious ambitions.

Judge not on the quality of the anime since u can only do so much in flash.



Judge not on the quality... then what exactly are we supposed to judge on? True, most can only "do so much" in flash, but i think this is a little bit on the low side. if youre new to flash, sorry that im being so harsh, but i have seen much better, even from ultra noobs (ie people that are submitting their first flash). Overall, the movie itself is... well, not horrible... the animation isnt great, very stop and go. more frames could cure this. the audio was iffy, definately kind of corny, but well syncd to the actions. a little bit of blood also goes a long way with the general NG audience. (and dont be mad for the low Interactivity score, its a movie and as such isnt meant to be interactive)

DXT responds:

Big words for such a small person not to mention this flash is alot better then what you can do foo. Keep talking, maybe someday you'll say something that atcually makes sense.

OK, but...

the voice/sound synchronization was off enough to be annoying.

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0.84 / 5.00

Feb 23, 2007
9:28 PM EST
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