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What happened to RCC-HQ

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Yeah... it's true... I have been forced to shut down the beloved RCC Website...
I'm also obligated to move out of my house...
Sadly enough!

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That's what you get for supporting oppression

That's what happens when you support commies. Turn about is fair play on this, friend. After all, how many people did Stalin send to the gulags? How many people did the Khmer Rouge kill? How many people are yoked with socialism everyday while people like you glorify it by using the very tools of capitalism!? I feel no pity and I am glad one more commie bites the dust.

Also, the font was hard to read and it moved too quickly to get the entire story. Not to mention the screen was really small. I gave it a zero because it was really terrible due to content and the execution of it.

how sad

such a person should not be given the right to live .. making threats for no reason whatsoever besides perhaps a difference of idealism it is sad to see one more take a fall .... something must be done about all the American company's hiring workers from other countries for it is capitalism in it's true form.


Never give up! You have the support of millions!

What would life be like, if all socialists would give up if threatened by greedy capitalists? Workers would still be enslaved. Do you want some idiot to controll you? Comrade! You are free! Break his chains!

PS: Why should someone try to murder someone and risc going to jail for many years, just because of a forum? He can't stop the red wave! You shouldn't have deleted it. Making someone else admin might have solved the problem. If the police tracked him down, why hasn't he been arrested?

btw, you should have asked him if he knows your name and ask him for your address, if he would know it as well, THEN I would freak out.

If he makes more trouble gather a bunch of comrades and "persuade" him to stop behaving like a complete moron.


goodbye comrade you will be missed not only by me but by all the rcc and all the cc. i hope that whoever it was that called you falls into a never ending pit... that actually does end... with a spikey bottem

I will miss you.

I joined the RCC before I joined the CC. I have a lot of great memories of that site. You will always have my respect, admiration and sympathy.

your comrade,