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Gee Dad!!!

Reveiws reveiws, send em' all around daddios.
Then go watch my other toons and reveiw them!

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DUmb fuck

you stupid ass hole. the Kitty Krew has been on here longer than you, that's lie one. lie two is that you have no skill, and even failed at making a horrible flash to ridicule horrible flash. it's not that i like kitty krew, it's just that you fail so much more hard.

Thats true lol


kitty krew aint all that bad

they had an apology flash just look up kitty krew,oh and the mouths didnt move right and kitty krew could make a way better flash than you,besides kitty krew had very funny videos that deserve a 5/5 im not part of kitty krew, and you wish you were as good and crative as kitty krew

meow meow meow

i-i`m kitty

You're a pervert..

I am too, but..
You made this animation to tell people that you hate kitty krew..
So I'm guessing you hate them because you're one of the people who go around on Newgrounds, searching for hentai...
They have alternative sights for that, damnit..

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Feb 22, 2007
8:42 PM EST
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