Candy Wings

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Fly through the sky,
Get a sugar high,
Lolly pops are on the why,
Candy Wings don’t let him die,
High-score Slingshot Games come have another try


its ok

needs more blood the bird needs to move faster but the graphicswere good


Your online high score board makes the competitor in all of us to keep playing!
I could give you constructive critisism but.... Its just too good!

A Fun and Simple Game

Now the thing is, that game was decently fun, well setup, and greatly layed out. The unfortunate thing is that this game is too arcadish, and it's like I rather run to the arcade with a pocket full of dimes and play things like what you just uploaded here. There's no doubt in my mind this will get through judgement, but you might seriously want to make this game have different levels, and have it go somewhere if you want a higher rank. Good job, but you can do better than this.

Far to simple

The visuals and animation you set up were quite nice, very fluent... looked good. But that's only half way to a game, the game was boring. Way to simple, though the high score chart was nice.

At least the graphics were good

Yes, the graphics were fairly decent, which was a plus for this flash game. However, it was just so.... BORING. You're thrust into a game and you merely avoid objects and collect other objects. It's something that's been done before, we could use something new, and you at least have the artistic skills to help you out.

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2.97 / 5.00

Feb 22, 2007
3:45 AM EST
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