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ECHHS Short #1

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Hey there folks. It's that time of the month again.

Recently, I asked my fellow classmates for ideas on my next flash. One of the suggestions that seemed really fun and easy to kick things off, was making a flash about another classmate. His name is Ryan.

Side notes: Flash made in less than two days. Don't expect anything graphically amazing. Expect something made for cheap laughs with my fellow friends.

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Please, oh please would you keep making flash. I feel like maybe there is hope for the random flash department. After all the videos that are mind numbing, made by groups, I have to say I appreciate this.

MetalDart responds:

Thanks for the good comments man. Yeah, I'm glad some other people besides me actually enjoy this flash. :P

It was random, and thats what I like to do. Be as random and funny as possible.

And don't worry, I'll be making flash movies for a LONG time.


Must admit.. after seeing a few others that made me slit my wrists.. it was nice to see yours. I can't say it's the best, and I won't say that it's something I wouldn't blam.. but at least I watched it to the end.

Sound: Kinda scratchy. I liked the voice from the movie guy.
Grafix: background.. need I say more?
Overall: Like I said, not too bad, but needs a great deal of work. Try for underdog.


MetalDart responds:


Fair enough.

The graphics were okay better if you had a background or more people it could of had been better. Um it made me smile :) not hilarious but a good attempt to cheer us up. nice concept but I think if it was longer It would be better.

"P is for Penis! :D"

MetalDart responds:

Yeah, I got lazy in parts. I felt like drawing a background but after a while, it was like "Whoa ho ho, maybe later."

Still, thanks for the fair score. It's good for a fair flash. :)

It is...


As a reviewer of the portal, I say thats better than most flash that is submitted BUT, still not good enough. This little flash of yours may get blammed.


MetalDart responds:

lol I know it's average. Maybe average at best. As mentioned in my comments, it was made for the lulz, not for awards.



Wow, seriously. I haven't seen this type of storyline used before anywhere else. If it has been used before by chance, I probably missed it, but I'm also not very observant. Still, I liked it. School theme is good with me.

Your school has some really interesting people, David. Tell them that I send my love and that I'm like the coolest guy ever. Really, show them this review and have them respect it. Respect is pretty awesome.

I kind of got off point up there, so all in all, this flash is great. Keep it up, David.

MetalDart responds:

No one likes you Jake. Go away. >:[

Thanks for the positive reviews Jake. I'll be sure to keep this series going strong. :)