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SMB3 Short: Brothers!

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What? No music? Nope! Just SFX!

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this sucked so bad no secrets and it might be sorta funny but it isn't good at all 1/10 for trying... -_-


^^Good Points^^
The sound effects were pretty good. Some humor in this as well.

^^Needs Improving^^
I don't see why you insist on having no music. Some subtle background music always makes a movie more inviting to watch. None of the ideas in this movie were really all that original, in fact the movie was kind of boring. With no dazzling graphics, this was just run of the mill.

Good Try...

Very random and funny, I'll give you that but, no repeat button or loading screen. Make some more stuff, and put it into a collection.

One problem

Your ending was not working write it would loop. Other than that pretty good!


For the extremely low size, you've actually made something decent. It's the kind of thing anyone that likes games could enjoy once or twice. Little replay value though.