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Crappy Naruto Parodyness!

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Omg! Please do not watch this if you have a weak stomach.
Akamaru likes to dance, Sasuke likes to Party, Rocky Lee Balboa? O_o omg, Gaara looking for love?! I knew he was a Alien! *gasp* Watch out, proceed with caution.
Enjoy this Submission of Naruto.

Special thanks to my Friend for a few songs and some ideas :)

Update: I've recieved some messages about this being a Rip-Off from other Parody's like this.
Please do not think i was trying to copy them because my Friend came up with this idea.

22-April-2008 Update: Thank you all for your kind support and nice comments.
I couldn't have ever hoped to reach more then 5k views and never ever of +40K views!
But, please let me state that this is only a fan flash with no professional side on artistics.
I know this isn't great but please do see what this flash is meant for. For all the people who support the show and alot more.
This is really just a basic Flash which anyone of you could do really it's not that hard, it just needs some time and effort and you'll be able to do better then this.

Also for the people who have critics saying it sucks or whatever.
I don't mind you saying that but when I check your people's profiles on what kind of flashes you made and how you made them then 95% of those people don't even have a flash or just really made crappy ones.
Sorry to tell you, but I'm not impressed by your lame comment about how crap you think I am while you're even worse then me?
Seriously, I'm not good but just decent.
I really don't mind critics but at least give points where I could ever improve or just try to help instead of giving flames like you people did.
That's all.

I'm not a professional Flash artist and therefore I called it the Crappy Naruto Parodyness, simply because I cannot compare with the awesome flashes who are in the top 50 of NewGrounds or even in the top 100

Also, even people ask me to make more and more.
I'm sorry to dissapoint you this will be my last project on Newgrounds.
I won't continue the Naruto bloopers as well.
I am not into Flash anymore and neither do I make any more.
Also thanks again for your nice support and awesome comments, I really appriciate it and have seen them all.

My Regards, HyperRaider.

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I like to move it move it...

That was FABTASTIC!@!@!

The name really didnt fit well, but hey this is a awesome video. Putting yourself down can hurt the iner-soul and Im sorry to hear you've left :[

what the.....

wtf, weird yet funney and cool


this is most likely the funniest naruto video on all newgrounds!!lol!!

That was good!

Haha Photograph I just saw a vid on youtube with that song and it was naruto man deja vu ahahaha you should put down the song names though hahaa, I wanna know some of the songs soo....

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Feb 20, 2007
11:51 AM EST