the bris

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an old 'gefiltefish' episode but the series is making a comeback soon so i thought i'd throw a few more up for your pleasures...


cool one

a little bit short, but that was a cool animation.... not the bris itself, but i did like the voices in this one, nice and interesting character designs, decent humour and your efforts were quite nice.


I found this hilarious! I love the 'creature comforts' approach to the voice acting. The ending was also a great twist as I was expecting the worst, but you are obviously too good a writer to take the easy way out! I wish there were more like you!


The artwork was really great, and I'm glad it didn't end "badly" if you know what I mean, but still, it was sort of disgusting and hard to watch...

Very Professional

+Nice character models. They're very stylistic.

-The sound took too long to fade in.

+/-Voice acting was nice, natural, and very conversational, but very hard to hear over the background mummers. In the end, it came off as distracting more than anything else. I suggest optimizing the audio a bit more.

+I'm glad that the doctor didn't mistakingly eat the foreskin. The ending was really original!

+/-You're style of animation would look much more smooth if you tweened most of the facial expressions rather than position them in a frame by frame manner. It really comes off as jerky.

I liked the credits, and the subduded nature of the animation. It was very calming and sweet at the same time.


the voices are a little unclear, but other then that it was animated pretty well. keep on keeping on.

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3.47 / 5.00

Feb 20, 2007
4:54 AM EST
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