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EggClock's Lie

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EggClock is lying about something, find out why! Please leave a review, and enjoy.

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who in thier right minds....

makes a soda that has dog poop flavor in it? good movie all together

Pretty OK

While not the most artistic, the design was actually pretty good. Funniest part was definitley the naming of the soda.


HAHAHA. i like the soda name. That was hilarious. my only concern is that cherry clock doesnt make me think of a cherry. lol.

this is great

nice job i liked it all nice clocks and i also laughed when pinnapple clock said the soda and whn he said it the last time to egg clock it said in the text you know the drill i laughed out loude good movie nice clocks as well and there was weed i hope to see your clock flash in the future cause this was great

PenguinLink responds:

Thanks a lot for the nice words. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Expect more of these shorts from me very soon. :) Thanks for the review.

Not bad!

The long awaited movie has finally come out!


Not bad for a clock movie. It contained some fairly neat graphics with some nice looking shadow.


I would love to call it original but....well... its a clock movie. Been done hundreds of times before. :-)

Your "Clocks" still looked quite good and I was very impressed by it.


I have mixed feelings about your sound. I enjoyed the music which fit the movie perfectly. One thing I do not like about ALL clock movies is the speaktonia sounds. Not my thing! Do not enjoy the sounds of that voice nor do I find jokes as funny coming through in that tone.

The comedic part of this movie was overall fairly good. I think the script you came up with was fairly well thought out and somewhat good humour.

One problem I have with the sound is that even thought it was funny, It was hard at times to here what they were saying. I know that isnt your fault but is loses some points with me.


It wasnt so much 'violent' as it was silly. I guess the only real violence I could see was not Physical, more Verbal. Still, I am a big fan of verbal violence. YOU LITTLE PRICK! :-P


I hope you dont expect me to explain why that got a zero!


^ Read sound part ^


A seven is a fairly high overall score to recieve from me. I never given out a 10's anymore. I know I did when I first joined but you know, We have all done stupid things when we first join.

Congratulations on making a great movie!


PenguinLink responds:

Thanks for the review, Sterockicy! I'm glad that at the very least you enjoyed it. Thanks a lot for the constructive criticism and for the nice comments. Thanks for the review! :)