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If only I had a time machine and a gargantuan genetically engineered sperm.. Doesn't stop me from putting it on my resume.

Remastered in HD as of August, 2015. Make sure to watch in 1080p!

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Inspired from the game Seed of Destruction perhaps?
Awesome flash, brah. \


Extra Extra -
stickman goes on killing spree with a big sperm noone ever knows where he got from!

Secret Murder

Whay does everyone think this is FUN? he's killing people with a gaint sperm. AND SMILING ABOUT IT!!! IT'S MUDER DISGUSED IN A CUTE ANIMATION!!!!!!!!!!!


what i dont get tho is how he got a giant sperm in the first place

i loved the game and the film

yes there is a game if you search spermrider you might find it