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Itachi, Itachi, Itachi..

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Author Comments

The idea for this came when I watching family guy clips with my brother: http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=k1JuX7ammXE

Damn I was bored. XD Anyway, here you go. All the voices are done by me.

...Don't hit me! D:

Nii-san and Nii-chan: Big brother (I think 8D)


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This is a remake of a scene from "Family Guy". That was the most viewed "Family Guy" clip ever made at one point. Should that count as a meme? It's too bad you couldn't think of more nicknames. Why not "brother" or "bro"? That made more sense.

Then again, I'm not familiar with Japanese. I didn't even know what half of those words meant. At least I recognized Weasel. Oh, now I read the author comments and I get it. I really need to do that more.

Jesus what the eff! So random, but so funny! The voices were weird but made it even better. XD

an old video but a classic

Itachi Itachi Itachi Itachi Itachi nisan nisan nisan nisan nisan nichan nichan nichan nichan Itachi Itachi Itachi Itachi wizld wizld wizld wizld wizld ERFTGHBIUYUYHGBH!!! XD

awwwww the face when he said hiii