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MC Bin Laden Rap

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This is my first work for Newgrounds. The lyrics were written and recorded by myself. DJ Hussein drops the beat and Dubya makes an appearance with Blair. It's actually pretty catchy and it inspired my documentary 'Ossama Bin Laden: Behind The Music'- also on Newgrounds soon. I wish to express my sorrow for those involved in the events of September 11th and state that the contents of this rap- although offensive, do not portray my views. Well, Enjoy! - Iggsta (www.iggyuk.co.uk)
*The Music Track Is A Sample Of 'Simon Says Get The Fuck Up' By Pharaohe Monch*

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Worth watching once

Average realy, singing the music yourself realy did add a little something special to it. Some may find it offencive some may find it hilarious. All I'm saying is that whoever reads this watches it atleast once.

what the f*ck was that zoophiliac sucking shit?

Ok now I HATE RAP cause it's 98% crap, 1% unnccesarily wonton violence words and .5% swears that have absolutely no TUNE at ALL. Making ME HATE all RAP. Cause of the LAME O TUNE AND STUPIDLY RACIST WORDS the other .5% is the tune, no offense to you rap likers. And besides you can't even make a GOOD RAP MOVIE. It had less of a tune then even the worst raps, it's a disgrae to most anything in the way of music.

You SUCK at graphics and you didn't need to show us his DICK no one even knows if he HAS a dick. Cept the crazy women he' slept with. And aside from that, the writing was CRAP the style was AUSTISTICLY RETARDED. That is someone whos more then retarded, my mom was in college and she walked past the college autistic classroom and saw a teacher hold up a picture of a hotdog for the group of autistuc kids and said HOTDOG, they were told to repeat it and they said HOUSE. No OFFENCE for any autistic people or relatives of them, I'm just pointing out how ratearded this flash was and how bad a job was done on it. Get my meaning IGGSTA. NO HUMOR whatsoever dude. BLAUGH BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME.


Loading screen - Very Very funny, i gave it to all my freinds so far, before seeing the actual movie cause masturbata is sooo funny, and MTV arabian top 10, with immature audiences only, its quite good at the beginning actually! Maybe if you compressed the space though it would go faster, i dont care though, but it would be so much better faster innit? Maybe put a couple of extra things on the loading screen so u no wot its about or like, click sumat and it show u the lyrics. i have wrote all this and its still loading. God it takes ages it better be worth it. YAY loaded!
Now for the real review -
Er, very late! god it finished the song/audio and THEN it said winnie th pooh thingy, and no paki voice! Good lyrics and animations, just have to watch 84750810284301894328 TO FIND out what the lyrics are! Crap really.


sorry i just didnt like this at all it was long and boring...


You should atleast make a stickfigure of bin laden sing, i can do better in microsoft word! Not everyone likes flash movies which have words, that isnt a movie, its closer to a book

Credits & Info

2.41 / 5.00

Nov 3, 2001
11:34 AM EST