Crimson Hero

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**The flash uses a lot of effects so it might run a little slow for this reason, but wait for the loader to complete and change the resolution if necessary.*

It took a while to create some of the scenes so I hope it was well worth and that you like it. Please leave your comments as that would really help and be appreciated.


I'm not sure...

I think what i was was good, but i'm not really sure. You see i have a alright computer, but when it came up it got really choppy... So i think i was to give u a congrats on a good animation, but i'm kind of off and i dont really know if i should.

cool one

that was a pretty cool animation. a little bit short, but that one had a nice story to it, cool graphics and audio, nice characters, decent entertainment, action and humour and your efforts were nice. i think that had this one been longer, it could've won an award... or been very close to.


Thanks for voting, Naphaneal!

You're the saviour!

u o me big time...

btw...rather laggy..



Could use work

Very nice graphics, but it really ran slow. i could see each frame. Try to figure out how to fix this, then it should be great.

Looks good but...

The animation looks nice but it runs very slow. Try different ways of animating, I know you can get the same effects and have it running faster. Also, I felt that the coloring was kinda bland and it all ran together. I think its the fuzziness of everything that really gets to me, and it also might be the cause for slow playing.

Other than some nice animation that movie has nothing.

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2.96 / 5.00

Feb 16, 2007
12:12 AM EST
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