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KFK's Adventures #1

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Kung Fu Karl Takes 2 Gross Old People To Lunch

This is a new series of weekly 'animations' from College University. We've stopped doing the holiday special, and switched over to weekly stories illustrated and narrated by Kung Fu Karl.

**This gives us much more time to work on our regular long episodes**

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So this is where the series started. Didn't it technically start with the Groundhog Day cartoon? Yeah, it did. This should really have its own page. I mean, it's a spinoff. These have probably become more popular than the actual "College University" series.

Well, on other websites at least. I like the visuals of him crapping his pants. It's just, you never really see that. I knew he'd be disgusted by liver and onions. Everyone really is.

10 years... and i still watch AND like this! Kudos!


and till this day anytime i see someone order liver and onions...i throw up

so funny

I cant even stop laughing when I watch these, hes just so innocent lol

liver & onions....

....o the humanity