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Here is the animation I made in order to promote my comic Ketchup Tart' to the masses on Newgrounds. This being my first submission, it won't be 2001: A Space Oddessy, but I expect some fair critism or praise, delete where nessacary. Please enjoy!

NOTE - A LOT of people have been complaining about the lack of voice actors. Well, I'll fit them in for a future movie, but STOP REMINDING ME. k?


very good, you should watch it!

I think this was great, it didnt really need voice actors that much. again the subtitles were a little fast. Very funny though

ClarkGable responds:

cheers. The FIRST person to defy the masses. Excellent.


It would be better if the text were maybe a bit bigger and readable.Thats the only thing i could complain about.

ClarkGable responds:

Cheers. I'll work on that in the future


That's funny, but the "subtitles" are too fast.

ClarkGable responds:

FINALLY. A NEW critism. No, wait.....


needs voice actors

ClarkGable responds:

I Need Voice Actors? I hadn't noticed.

Excellent, very funny loved all of it!

I thought it was very good, could do with voices actors then it would be very sweet, plus making the comment out that football is soccer to the Americans is very good at damn last they should realise that when the british talk about football then mean there football not american football man that gets annoying!

Anyhow great film, Adam keep them coming!

Loved the angel bit and mike getting left out! LOL!

ClarkGable responds:

if the next person mentions voice acting.......I SWEAR................

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2.48 / 5.00

Feb 15, 2007
1:22 PM EST
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