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YK - 42 owns the KK 001

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This is a resubmitted flash, last time i submitted it KK members mass voted badly on it. Keep in mind this is an ANTI kitty crew flash, so watch the whole thing. i might continue this so drop by me a review and vote 5!

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anti kk

destroy the kk if they want to mass vote then whos to say that we shouldnt mass vote down all of the kk flashes untill they are blamed from the portal. hint hint wink wink so everybody that adgress with me or cinnabonmon find a friend and give all kk flahes a nice big Zero

very good

i liked it. i saw it before, and i posted, but i think it got off. so i will review again, ist good. but still whats the music? i raelly liked the music in this.

but anyway, i must tell, that im not against the kk or with them, i just say that in my opinion, it looks like a good movie. it deserves a 3


fived and faved that was fucking hilarious!


This actually made me laugh, I don't even know why. Probably because of the Shape Tween with the gun. Anyways, it was pretty good, only because it was funny.

all my fiven

ok, i voted 5 so if the kk mass hatevotes again, they will hopefully be trumped. now, everything was great exept for one little problem with the sound-the bacround music was so loud it was hard to hear the robot talking. so, yeah.

Cinnabonmon responds:

yeah, i realized that once i submitted it