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An Arieo V-day short

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Just a short somethin' I whipped up. It's short so if you comment about that I won't listen ^__^.

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Just goes to show

You can't kill love. Great flash like that rest of em.


Im not against love, but I think V-day is stooped.
Great work.


Great idea and I totally share the same feelings as others about valentines day being a load of consumer crap. Thanks for sharing the truth with us folks out there.

I'm not against love, just crap consumer commercial holidays.
Oh yea I forgot, you rock, don't stop.

very well done, and fitting too!

ok, now this i liked. for starters the humor was great, for instance the scene where the sword cuts the man in half whilst he and his girl are holding hands, and she's so blinded by this fake as hell holiday and 'love' be it true or not, continues to stare deeply into his eyes oblivious to the injury and the gun being held at him... thus suffering a painful- if not hilarious -death.

it was smooth, and the robot sent by hallmark was a great touch... is it just me, or does it resemble the female model from virtual on? oh well, maybe just my mecha obsession kicking in. either way, despite the fact that its short and ends quite abruptly- which again was a nice touch on HOW it ended abruptly -i believe it is front page worth. and yes, to clear up all questions, i saw this on SA first.

cool movie

i thout it was a good movie, i liked the sesless killing

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4.39 / 5.00

Feb 15, 2007
1:56 AM EST