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Better than chocolate

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toon53productions wanted to give viewers something for V-Day. Hey, it's better than them giving you chocolate.

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Aaaah CUTE!

My heart just skipped a beat.


i loved the humor, no real storyline but i think it was a good flash. nice graphics made me laugh. 10 points

Seriously. So much awesomeness.

So much awesomeness.

Firstly, I love the textures for the background. Colours are all chosen brilliantly and I like the simple shape styles.

Also, love the bendy arms - specially when the wiggle like that!

I kinda guessed what the gift was gonna be, but was surprised to still get a chuckle out of the ending.

Great script.

The sound effects were kinda sickening when I watched it a 2nd and 3rd time.

Seriously. So much awesomeness. I smiled throughout and chuckled a couple of times.

Nice one!

It's slapstick humour with a submliminal message!

The best part is when he talks about getting "mooshy".

Great message, great flash, great job.


Very nice.

I very much like this flash. He's saying things that are pretty true, that guys aren't always just being all "coochie-coochie blah blah" and stuff. We like to be romantic sometimes. That was a pretty good flash, though. The art style was good, and the voice acting was above average, also. Hope to see more flash from you soon! :D