Nobodies Shorts #6

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Watch it!

And click the picture at the end.

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Wow that was short

So that was a short film but somewht funny and entertaining the same old characters always funny from your tomarows nobodies but this was kind of interesting wish these were longer with more scenes anyways nice job on this short you bring some entertaining humor to the table

could be a tad longer


Hmm, way too short. It was just Chase farting and watching TV. What's with Christmas stuff being referenced in February? I did like that bit at the end. That was probably the best part. At least there was something good.

So I guess it wasn't Chase who farted. Yeah, I remember when Anna Nicole Smith died. Celebrities are always dying! Well, now they're usually just convicted of sexual assault. They'd probably rather be dead.


The short itself wasn't that funny but the end with the soundbyte was rather humorous,it would be nice to see you guys make a full episode though again someday. =\

where am i?

nice. that reminds me...oh crap my parents are bac


goddamn... good flash but when i listened to the easter egg at the end my sound was too high and i didn't know !!... so my mother tought i was looking at GAY PORN !! THX TN !!... go to hell... make another episode plz... (not a short, a long one)

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3.93 / 5.00

Feb 13, 2007
1:39 AM EST
Comedy - Original