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Well this is just something I whipped up in like 20 minuets cause I'm bored. It's not really about anything...just watch it...

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Pepsi Zero and WOW!! LOL

to the guy below me

there is a clay animation section on newgrounds, so guess what? he can submit whatevers stop motion. DER.

Anyways, i liked it. your humour reminds me of knoxs but not in a bad way. really funny.


not a flash... you should post these on youtube or something
they are good nonethe less but not meant for newgrounds flash

Smiley-Bob responds:

So what you'd turn away Knox's claymations witch are amazing just because it's not FLASH?!?!? It is put INTO flash, and it is animation I think that's close enough.


omg that shit was funny, keep it up dude

Smiley-Bob responds: