Odd Bods

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Odd Bods is a game of great observation skills and lightning reflexes.
Bods such as ninjas, vikings, bald dudes and skeletons appear in pairs, except for one! Simply use your mouse to click on the Odd Bod Out!

There is also a link to the multiplayer Odd Bod game where you can create your own Odd Bod puzzles and send them to your friends so they can find your Odd Bod!


I found this to be a pretty good game. Its biggest weakness was that, well, there wasn't that much to it. It was kind of funny to see all these designs. One of them reminded me of a human centipede. No, not that kind, thankfully. It seems to have all the qualities of a decent game.

It is kind of unpredictable on what bods will show up next. While not that memorable, probably worth a look. The sounds are pretty funny. I like most of what I see. You could probably have a background of some kind.

Not bad.

Feels like I played a Big Brain Academy game lol.

good job

you just keep getting better and better! i just don't understand why this game has such a low score! I really enjoyed this. it's fun and good.

pretty good game

i liked it...i got to lvl 31 though with some time left and it just suddenly stopped...is lvl 31 the last level??


I love ALL of your submissions (even though I only got to lvl 28 on this one)

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2.84 / 5.00

Feb 12, 2007
12:09 PM EST
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