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Armor Games Snowball 2007

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[BUG REPORT : Click Read More]
[And if you think this game is similar to the other snowballs, please also Click Read More before reviewing]
Armor Games Snowball is back in 2007! Added features like snowlumps, big trees and ice patches will keep you on your toes like always.

The game is simple. It is just basic snowballing. However, you can get a full game with different modes, upgradable snowball remroll, avalanche and music by playing Armor Games Avalanche.

--Bug Report?--
Yes, there is a bug. Sometimes the snowball might keep rolling until it gets superbig. I only encountered the bug once and then never again, so I thought I fixed it, I never really knew whether it was fixed and I never really know what's wrong, let alone fix it. So now I know the bug is still there, just that it would happen at a probability of 1/100000. So if you lucky number 100000, don't worry, just right click outside the game and reload the page. The game data should not be erased. But I'd like to fix it though. If anyone has any idea, email me (email below)!

---Remroll bug---
(It's more like an easy cheat, so I'll leave that)

---Same game as last time?---
Not the same as Armor Games Snowball. This one has add-ons and some remakes. It ain't obvious and at a glance it may look like a twin, but let me give you the difference:
- no character managers
- the game obtains the heaviest weight for the score rather than the weight you got when you break
- ice patches
- creatures you eat up can fall out
- big tree

---Same game as Avalanche?---
Not at all. Play avalanche, it has different modes and all, music, avalanche and a bigger file size. This one is just 144K. Some people dislike all the add-ons and just want the snowballing, that's why this one exists. Some want the whole thing, they play Avalanche. It's all for you guys, the players, so I believe it would not be appropriate to say "Delete this one" or "Delete that one".

Thanks everyone. Anything, email me:

Stay cool, like you've always been.

~Josh Tamugaia

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Pretty fun

This was nice to play because it allowed you to cover a lot of ground with your single snowball. It's great fun to just watch it go along. For those of you who do not know, you can run into the other pieces of snow (like the snowmen) to become bigger. The best part is how terrified everyone looks as the snowball gets bigger. It is also fairly easy to get a score. I am glad that you pointed out that this was a game in its own right and it is not appropriate to call it a copy.

One good thing was the simplicity. Everything is detailed in such a nice way, but the only problem is that everything does look a bit small. I guess that makes the game easier, but it makes it a little weird to look at. You should also put in some music, but you did make the other sound effects wonderful! I love how everyone that you absorbed falls out when you hit something.

Really funny

This game is really good, I like the idea that it's just a snowball getting bigger and bigger the further it goes. Although sometimes the ball doesn't move when you press an arrow key, maybe that's something to sort out and I think that this game would be better if it had medals.

good improvement

This is much improved from the last one, but some graphical errors and other bugs bring it down a bit.

Awesome game

This is good for brain coordenation. I'm addicted to it.


Awesome game, I just can't stop playing.

Credits & Info

4.27 / 5.00

Feb 10, 2007
1:01 AM EST
  • Daily 3rd Place February 11, 2007