Super Ningyo Maker

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I wanted to create a nice little simple doll making app/game, mainly as a means of experimenting for use in future projects but also as something fun to do.

If anyone encounters any bugs or anything feel free to message me, but this should be bug free


i agree.

i'm with bonk-yeknod1 on this one.

is that all?

that game had no point i thought that i was only creating my character for the game but nope that was it you need to put more items or a story line where you can buy more clothes

not bad one

that was an alright game. not too much to this one, but the graphics were pretty nice and your efforts were good.


Ok not to be that guy that shoots down every flash he comes across but...come on you could of made it alot better.Add a little music make a way more wide selection on clothing..I think i speak for everyone because we all seen millions of dress up games and most not amusing...If this is your first flash i understand you wanna practice a little bit but if your looking for fans dont go in this direction..think outside the box a little bit...
ok I gave the graphics a 6 becasue they werent to good....like come on they had nubs for feet...lol
I gave the style a one because this isnt to stylish ..aka theres millions of dress up games...
no music or anything.....
no violence....
interactivity a 8 because you only get control of the 1 2 3 4 thing i dunno....
humor 0 nothing funny....
overall a 8 becasue the highest i gave you was a 8 and i like to slap on a extra point...
Hey dont take it from me im just telling you what most of us want..im not tryin to be a dick wad lol just think outside the box....

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Good graphics...

but you could have done it a lot better. There's very few faces, clothes and else to choose from. With a little bit of more stuff you could make something much better out of this. Not saying it's bad but it has potential to be better. Changing the color of everything would be really cool. Also chosing a man would be good.

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1.89 / 5.00

Feb 8, 2007
10:17 PM EST
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