Sea of Fire

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UPDATE: Thanks for the front page Tom!

Right, so anyway, most of the instructions are in the game. I would add that you can only queue up a single type of unit. Also in compaign mode there are passwords that you get every time you're between missions, so you can continue later. The password methodology is rather crude so if you figure out the "system" don't feel too proud


Programmed by MaximK

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I found this to be a fairly good game. It did take me awhile to understand it. Granted, that was really only because I didn't look at the instructions first. It really is pretty easy to follow once you get the hang of it. It does take a bit too long. I think you should have an option that speeds it up.

Then again, that would probably just make it harder for a lot of people. I don't really see what the title means. The layout is all around quite good. It's hard to see all those soldiers at one time. The music is nice as well.


it was an ok game it is good for playing when there is nothing else to play.
here are things to improve on

improve the quality. the soldiers look like blobs holding stciks

enlarge the units and decrease the background, because 70% of the field is background stuff leaving less quality for the main stuff like buildings and units

make a decent save game option, its hard to remember all these codes

the enemy is always spamming units faster than me and there always doing it like they have infinite money thats just not fair

i would give this a 6.5 but since they don't have halves i'll have to give it a 6

not great

it just felt like all you had to do was spam units the whole time

Great game!

still not done w/ it, but it's a good time killer nonetheless.

strategy :

get oil first. do this by setting up 2 or 3 missile things, and the rest barracks. wait a while after they start attacking, then send out tons of RPG at them. the missile things will defend once you lose money, so it's safe backup so you don't die.

after oil, get gold in pretty much the same way, except with flamethrowers instead of RPG. then, get whatever you want to get since you have it pretty much made for you now.

Too much too quickly.

One of the main problems this game has is the fact that your opponent gets far too many advancements before you do. For example, on my first run through the game I went for the gold first, then for the oil. After the oil, however, you gave the enemy FUCKING PLANES. This wouldn't be a problem, except for the fact that you have absolutely no way to shoot them down. This, coupled with the fact that funds accrue very slowly even while you're buffing up the rate with the economics building just results in your side being devastated while airstrikes keep coming and units pile up against you.

Unit balance was also an extremely poor aspect of the game. It didn't break it or anything like that, but come on, don't make the Flamethrower's attack range the same as the fucking Sniper's; it defeats the point of the sniper even being different from regular infantry. Also, if you're going to throw in air units that quickly, that can attack the bases directly, you absolutely must give the player some way to defend against it.

I haven't played past the third area, but because of the problems listed above, I have no reason to. You need to balance things like this. Balance the units a bit more, give the player some kind of anti air from the start even if it just shields your bases, and make the money come in a bit faster.

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3.94 / 5.00

Feb 6, 2007
7:58 PM EST
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)