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Rube Goldberg Machines 3

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There is now one more machine, and the physics of #4 are better. This is another in the series. From now on, should I keep including the ones already in the other movies?

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Needed a solid preloader for this one but it overall was a good concept the intro was good my only issue with it was things ended up disappearing in the movie which indicates possible bad coding



It was good, but seriously, learn to make a preloader.

I know what you were aiming for

While the flash idea itself is great there are a few flaws that need to be accounted for. First, Rube Goldberg machines commonly used uncommon items to fulfill a real life purpose. While you did have the real life purpose down, it missed the humor of Rube Goldberg machinations by only using everyday household equipment and items. I do feel however that this is a pretty fitting tribute to something more along the lines of The Incredible Machine. With the bowling ball, fan, and bucket, I felt a higher affinity with an Incredible Machine problem scenario than a Rube Goldberg machination. I will have to commend you on the graphics and physics, though a lil tweaking might be in order to streamline everything. I loved the style, as far as i know its a fairly original concept. An excellent flash, and i do hope to see more from you soon, thank you for your time.


hahah a domino and a golf ball pushing a bowling ball, perhaps i shall rope the moon then aswell?