World War Three

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This is just something I made to take a break from Everything else I was making. And YES, THIS DOES HAVE AUDIO FROM THE ANIMATRIX IN IT(IT IS NOT AN ANIMATRIX TRIBUTE!). Anyway, Flash Halo is coming along nicely, as for Conspiracy, well, I'll probably be finishing it after the 5th episode of south side school and Flash Halo unless something else pops up.

Anyway, Enjoy!


F*ck them that was good,

good timing and funny scenes,just do better with the animation and they will love it!!

um it was stupid really really stupid

yea um u took tha audio from tha animatrix and put it in this piece of #@$% flash
it would off been good if u would of put robots killing human solgiers but no u got 2 make everything confusing ok next time make both side different from each other

welll .ummmm

it was a good idea but the animations was a little well.. crappy ... kepp trying


There was hardly any violence! This was a wast of my time. The graphics sucked. It was all mindless screaming!!! I freaken hated it!!! I give that a big ugly fat shity ZERO!!!

waste of time and boring

Why did I watch this? It took too long, and there was absolutely no point, it was boring, just annoying screaming sounds, really, put in a flash unlike this crap!

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2.75 / 5.00

Feb 6, 2007
9:25 AM EST
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