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Dungeons Episode #1

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Author Comments

The artwork in this version is conceptual. It is I and my business partner's first flash cartoon and neithor of us are very good artists. We have hence hired an animator to redue this episode and produce the rest of our series. We decided to post this version up (it was completed almost a year ago) to see if people would like our original art work or if they agree that hireing an animator is necessary.

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Having looked onto the precipice of anguish . . .

This was a good show, I love the middle aged man in the china thong. I can understand why he sounds so full of rage, it must cause him grief. Animators are overrated, you need to do this show as you have. It adds a style to the show, a watermark of your flare for life (which I so detest). After watching this, I wanted to crawl out of my dark room and go adventuring again, then realized the sun would never cease in its bombardment of killing radiation rays, so that idea quickly flew from my mind like the joy flees a child watching a kitten get mutilated by a street sweeping-mobile.

Good Story Needs work! :D

I just watched Goth the Elf by you guys and wonder why the art style is so different. The humor is there. All the voice actors seem to know their stuff. Good voices. Sound effects were sometimes hard to understand, but they got the point across. The humor is deffinatly understandable. So many gamers will recognize the lust for fighting, treasure, and extravagant events, over story! :D. With some polish this would be a great series. The new animator you hired wouldnt happen to be the Goth the Elf guy would it? He seems to have a very flashy and unique style. Anyways Good luck, and keep it up.

Avenger111 responds:

Nope, same animator (me). If you are wondering why it’s so different? 2 years of additional experience and training in flash and a different character artist. I primarily did all the art work in Dungeons. Rob did the character art work in Goth the Elf, but I’m still doing animation, backgrounds, ect. He draws them nice and easy to animate. BTW in case anyone out there is wondering Dungeons is not dead. We have hired professional animators to redo our first episode and animate Episodes 1-5. The reason for the delay is the 1st animator we hired had issues and did not complete his work. The voices are the same people, (Danielle and Rob) but now with better sound effects, music and over all audio quality. Dungeons was written by me and Danielle while Goth was written by Rob. We have already scripted 2 additional episodes and have outlined the 2nd season. Expect it all SOON.


nice story, and so so true, like most players in games, they are looking for the treasure or something to kill they ignore like something that is key to their survival!


It was okay. You obviously put a lot of effort into it. =

I just found the voices of the three main characters really annoying.


I loved it. Especially the expletives that the monk shouts when he gets hit by arrows and spears. I agree with your idea of hiring a good animator to redo this episode and further episodes, but as long as it stays funny like this, I think you guys can manage.

Credits & Info

4.04 / 5.00

Feb 6, 2007
4:35 AM EST