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Impact Wars

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Arrow Keys Move
'F' Key Fire
Space Key Bomb
'R' Key Boost

Have fun.

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I found this game to just be okay. I am kind of getting tired of that music. What I do not like is how the designs aren't that good. I still have to give you credit for having some straightforward gameplay. It was pretty easy to understand. Some of the enemies were actually quite creative.

I wish I could use that bomb more. It was kind of interesting to see what would happen next. It's all around a fine game. I can see how this won Daily 5th Place. Then again, I've played much better games that won nothing.


you know, i wouldn't care that this is a rip off of geometry wars, if it was a good one. The game was boring, you can't see far enough out, and it takes way to long to get any type of bomb or power up. sorry, wish it was better.


sure don't give us any credit, sheesh, kidding
also for those who wanted reverse, it was determined early on that no reverse would be added to make it more challenging, so thats the reason there, but i suppose its mikes call now.

Wow nice.

this game was great! mostly because you used my song in it hehe=)
anywho great job. the game was very nice.

good, but not my style

graphics weren't bad but definately could of been better. haveing an audio clip of 2 or so seconds repeating didn't really help because that gets annoying fast. but this game is (at least semi) original, and it pulls of what it's ment to be accurately