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Cupid Vs. The Hate Demons

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Author Comments

Awesome. Daily 4th and Valentine's Collection. Thanks!
www.notoriousstudios.com ftw
wow, this took way longer than it should've.

Cupid Vs. The Hate Demons. In this amazing animation you will witness the downfall of civilization as we know it, people will no longer be able to love. This is because the Hate Demons have been breeding too much. Cupid sees this wrongdoing, and decides to put an end to the demons.

What should have taken me a week to do, took me about 3, because i hit a brick wall of ideas about 10 seconds away from the end, which is why it has such an abrupt ending. Deffinitly not my best work, but then again, it's not really supposed to be.
3376 frames at 30 fps.

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THoug hthe animation doesn't really show it, I think you did work hard on this. The only thing that I need to say is that, though most people forget this, Cupid (Greek name Eros, which is how the word 'erotic was derived from) had two sets of arrows. One set was of gold, for love, whereas he also had a set of lead arrows which was for hate.

Decent, but slow.

I'm going to rate this for quality instead of my feelings towards you (which aren't pretty). First, while the graphics are simplistic, they add to this instead of detracting from it. However, there isn't much in terms of actual animation, but the parts that were animated were done well. Soundwise, the choice not to use sound effects neither helps nor hinders this, but the music needs to be more action oriented when cupid fights the demons. What worked in the very first part in this doesn't translate well in a fight scene. There's plenty of fight scene related music in the audio portal, but chances are that you can't find it there. As for the fight itself, you should have made it much faster and chaotic. However, that would take away from the drama, but that's a price to pay.

What I did like:
-Fresh take on Valentine Flash.
-Good frame-by-frame.
-Nice atmosphere.

What I didn't like:
-Slow battle
-Needed a more battle-oriented music score.
-Not enough animation for 30 Frames per second.

Conclusion: I'm going to be fair and give you a seven, because I'm not a snooty dickhead who thinks he's always right. You said this is not your best work, and it shows.

This is great

It's really a shame that this has so few reviews, peopel should really say why they thought it deserved first place. This is way better than alot of the other mindless crap that ends up here nine times out of ten. Keep it up.


Pretty well done not the best but good

awwww didnt like the ending

shouldnt fuck with love stupid demons.......was pretty awesome tho, loved how you directed it...... kinda found the way you did characters not the greatest but it gave a unique style to it.....good work dude ^^

Credits & Info

4.07 / 5.00

Feb 4, 2007
5:03 PM EST
  • Daily 4th Place February 5, 2007