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Barbarian Lock shorts

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This is months worth of on, (mostly off), work. There three movies in a row so do be patient and watch till the end. If you're gonna leave a reveiw, please be sensible about it.

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Surprise penis attack!

Haha this was good, keep them coming!

Inspiration, or coincidence?

A few chunks of that movie were REAAALLY familiar. :x


Galloglasses responds:

I got the Portal idea from my old part for the Portal collab and my portal sig. The Initial D happens to be the music in my Sheezyart ID. BTW: Your portal movies = win.

One problem.

Although it is a short. The shorts are really short. Or something. Basically what im saying is that for a short. its a little too short. Im not talking about the whole movie together. Im talking about the individual sceens.
I read your biography. And those last 2 sentences made me laugh harder then anything in the movie. THought you should know that.

All in all. Good job. Make another if you get around to it.

Galloglasses responds:

I don't get why everyone says that, how long is a short meant to be? OK, thanks for the crit and fair score.


Epic first short.

Galloglasses responds:

You're only saying that because Golden Lock got fucked :]

Thank ye anyway.


I hate clocks, locks, and glocks but ummmmmm. I actually like this one! For once there is something that falls under the 3 previously mentioned categories that is funny!!!!!! Man I'm celebrating tonight cuz for once one of these movies is actually funny!!!!!!!!!!!! Hats off to you my friend.

Galloglasses responds:

My thanks to ye my friend. Glad you enjoyed it.