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Hi! Idea of this movie came from my English lessons at school where most of the time we fill handouts, full of boring excercises. Always at the start of the lesson teacher asks: "What do you want to today?", and I answer like the boy in this movie.

Actually, this could be a guide to teachers (but not only!) who have problems with their students - the new generation really ain't respecting them, so here's totally new way of treating the rebbels. Be cool. Enjoy ;)

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Hmm normala

Man shis likas interesants


piekriitu idiot-monarch - bija pareizraxtiibas kljuudas un arii kad u4ene runaaja, vinja apraava/nepabeidza dazhus vaardus. visumaa bija ok


i sed it wuz ok


uztaisi veeeelllll!!!!!!!!!11 es par vienu stulbu skolotaaaju atcereeejos skatoties sito filmu


Diezgan reeciigs gabals. Tikai triis probleemas:
1. Ziimee teelus ar mazaaku otas izmeeru, savaadaak izskataas diezgan negliiti.
2. Mazliet par iisu.
3. Dazhas pareizrakstiibas kluudas.

Gaidu naakamaas dalas!


I told him I liked it.

Fantomass responds:

khe. Labs :D Paldies par review


Funny, stuff, I should say. A little short to get a better score from me, but that's just me! Congratulations, movie saved!
Thanks for voting, RatherRandom!
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Fantomass responds:

Thanks a lot