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Chrono Who #12 (part 2)

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Chrono Who episode 12 (part 2)

Chrono Who. Its a sprite series that combines Chrono Trigger with Doctor Who. Alot of people were unhappy with the part 12, so I changed the ending. Hope you Chrono Who lovers like it now.

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Much better!

i love the entire series of crono who

but this one was fucking funny XP. you rocks
(will you continue the series "sonic epoch"?? :) )

Alright, here's your constructive criticism..

Graphics: Could've been done better. Personally I don't like sprites and I go for the hand-drawn animation more so than this. I just didn't like it.

Style: Basically this was all random clips, screen captures and tweens. I saw nothing here that was really mind blowing, or original.

Sound: Not much to say about it. It wasn't static, so I guess it was worth at least a four.

Violence: None to speak of.

Interactivity: None

Humor: Some people find random imagery and recycled sound effects amusing, but I'm not one of them. Everything used, has been used, and will be used countless times in the future, and will probably come of just as annoying as they did just a few moments ago. That and the scream at the credits has been done to death.

Overall- Personally I didn't like it. It wasn't anything really worth watching but I like to give everything a chance. Better luck next time.

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3.64 / 5.00

Feb 2, 2007
8:58 PM EST