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Nazi Defender v2.0

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Author Comments

Alrighty to all of you who played the first game thank you for your reviews. I noticed a lot of bugs in the first one after I released it. such as the game freezing up at the end of each level. that is gone. comments on adding new weapons/cooler upgrades thanks for those there are not lots of upgrades and power ups. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU FIND ANY MORE BUGS I think I got them all in this one. and let me know what you think.

music removed due to glitchy game play

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Great game but can you add the Wolfenstein death sound thank you.


why would i kill my own people!! kill das juden!! sieg heil! and i completely agree wit holohaox!

A pretty good defense game

This was pretty entertaining for about 15 minutes (thats usually what i'm looking for when i play games on newgrounds). The blood and gore was done well, and the amount of on screen characters at once was impressive. However, with a short amount of time it got repetitive. All in all...good game.

Where did you get the little Nazi sprites? Just curious

DragonSnare responds:

I got the sprites from www.panelmonkey.org by a guy name pillbox phil

Great work!

It's good with all the Wespe artillery, the Stug assault gun, suicide bombers? That's plain crazy. Also, why does the stuff you fire are grenades? Why not nice M2 Browning Machine Gun, with more rate of fire than the maching guns you buy. And maybe ANTI TANK TRAPS? Bazzoka Men. I like the nazi Panzerfaust men (the guys with the noob tube) And, maybe yhe heat seeking missles do something? All I see is them aim, but then, no missles. What's up with that?

DragonSnare responds:

the homing missle do shoot it's just that there is some much stuff going on that it's hard to notice and the S. traps do destroy tanks/trucks/infantry in one hit

A good game but it has some flaws.

I understand the thing about there being no airplanes, but why are there suicide bombers in it? The Nazis NEVER used those tactics. Also, you should replace the snipers that you can buy with riflemen or maybe a smaller number of either machine gunners or guys with Browning Automatic Rifles; probably riflemen since there are already machine guns available. However, I like the inclusion of the German's hanheld anti-tank rocket (I forgot the name) and the Hummel self-propelled gun. Hummel means bumblebee, apparently since it was lighter, faster, and more manuverable than tanks, but had a deadly "sting" since it mounted an 88mm gun. I thought the roller and blades bonuses were kind of funny and the lightning rod weapon was a clever idea.

DragonSnare responds:

thanks for the review maybe when I make a third one there will be some of those things added thx

Credits & Info

3.50 / 5.00

Feb 1, 2007
1:16 PM EST