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EDIT: All levels ARE possible. All stages ARE unlockable.
Daily 3rd! Thank-you, NG users!
Brief instructions for people who won't read the ones in the game, even though they should:
- Click on the blue arrows to slide all the balls in that row or collumn.
- Get all balls onto nodes of matching colours to progress to the next level.
- Do it in fewer moves to get more points!
- You can skip the level only when your bonus is completely run out.
- THERE ARE POINTS FOR JUST COMPLETING THE LEVEL, in addition to the bonus points, so even if your bonus has run out, you can still get points for finishing.
- Harder sets will be unlocked only when you have enough points on the previous one.
- Once you complete a set, your score will be saved so you can come back later to play any levels you unlocked.

Now for my actual commentary :)
Hi, this is my first game on Newgrounds, and it is being entered into the Armorgaming competition. I've been working on this as a main project for about 3 months now, and I think it's the best Flash I've ever done. There are 35 levels altogether, with 5 music tracks and online highscore boards. I offer my thanks to the people of the Flash forum for suggesting ways in which I could improve the game; it would be nowhere near as good as it is now without them!

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This is one of the most complicated games I've ever come across! I really have no choice but to say I really liked it because of how I did learn a lot from it. I was surprised I even got that far. It really is a very experimental game. While not much in terms of visuals, still wonderful. I don't know what's going on, but it's very nice.

Even the title is awesome. I guess the "X" just makes everything cooler. Those really are recognizable songs you are using. I'm glad you got at least one good award. I'm starting to notice the mute buttons more.

Very Original

Im the kind of person that likes puzzle games, mainly ones that contain falling bricks. Sometimes I play sudoku and and I really like picross, but this is something that is truly very original and awesome! Great job!

edit-undo responds:

A sequel is most definately on the way, ETA: November

My head hurts...

A really good game! However... the only problem I have with it is that it is too frustrating for me.

I give you a 5/5 because you did something almost impossible: you made my head hurt!

edit-undo responds:

Woo, I guess. Thanks for playing and reviewing.


its tacoon from kongregate....you didnt listen to my suggestion :(

edit-undo responds:

Your name doesn't ring a bell, sorry :(
What was your suggestion? I had this game out long before I joined Kongregate.

i didnt realy understand it lol

very hard/sound very good/interactivity good

no humor/no violence/kind of hard to understand/style no good

Overall give you a 7

edit-undo responds:

Since when does a game need violence to be good? The sequel, when it comes eventually, will have an interactive tutorial to ease players into the game easier. Thanks for playing/reviewing :)