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Puppies vs. Abusive Man

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Author Comments

This is a great example of how corrupt/horrible people ruin beautiful things... for instance, my light side put this video together to give good feelings out like candy, and my dark side turned it into a horrible message of greed, laziness & a sick approach/reminder of mortality.

Leave reviews please... or not, whatever.

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"an enjoyable flash with a few laughs"

-Not much animation though none was needed. The text parts had some nice effects on them though.

-Music was appropriate.

-Your commentary was pretty damn good. I enjoyed it though towards the end of the slide show you kinda went a little quieter. I can't help but get the feeling you started just watching the flash yourself.

-Unfortunately the sound was a out of sync for me but that was due to my shit computer not being able to take the first fade transition effect. Still if the flash was synced right it shouldn't have done that anyway.

All up it was an enjoyable flash with a few laughs and some cute pictures aswell.

Very Funny!

I laughed my ass off dude. Great job, make a sequel.


that was awesome dude. funny commantary, but myonly complaint is the movie goes on but you stop when it goes on to the puppies.

Vighkel responds:

Awesome, thanks dude.

Not too bad...

Actually the back comment made watching the pictures entertaining, it's not a bad idea for "how to make a slideshow less boring" so maybe you can get a patent haha.

Anyway, obviously there's a newgrounds market for this, so don't take the naysayers too seriously, the rating is not looking too bad.

Vighkel responds:

I don't know why everyone seems to assume I'm a weak little child who believes everything that anyone says to me. "You suck, never make flash again" wwwaaaaah booo hooo, I'm going to crawl in a corner and die...

Or so that's what you think my response would be, but in fact, I'm not a little sponge boy, and I do know the difference between fact and opinion. Most every negative feedback I've gotten is opinion... some facts, but those I were already aware of (intentional defects) ~ so please, in the future, don't pat me on the head and tell me to tuck my lower lip in, because the FACT is, I expect negative reviews, and I am prepared for them...

But seriously, thank you for the positive review.


gheheheh i liked that owl comment ... oehoe oeho oewho the fuck cares ghaha... thats pretty funny

Vighkel responds:

Yes, it would be nice if everyone else would lighten the **** up and realize I'm not trying to create a work of ****ing art here. A few reviews are all like "But it's not beautiful, it's just a tacky slide-show" blah blah blah!

What? You want me to make the kittens move? How the ****! do I do that? Do you want me to animate all of them individually? There's no ****ing way they'd still be cute, it would make the whole idea of this worthless.

I'd love to not generalize and say I'm a good person for failing to deem all these negative opinions absolutely worthless, and under thought, but I must say, the ideas and thoughts expressed here are much like that of a blind/def & retarded child who just learned to moan when he/she wanted food.

Go lick an icy pole. And have a wonderful day.

Credits & Info

4.09 / 5.00

Jan 31, 2007
8:10 PM EST