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Dolphins Will Die

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Author Comments

*Edit: This cartoon isn't ment to be funny, but if you have to laugh, then go right ahead and do so.*

A bunch of dolphins got stuck in a nearby harbor the other week and froze/starved to death. Any ways, I thought it might make some interesting subject matter for a toon. I always wanted to do something with alot of water, so I had some fun playing with this. This took three nights to throw together, if that means anything to anyone.

30 fps, with music by "No1r" from the audio portal. Enjoy.

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I hate to say this but it makes me laugh

Quarl responds:

Laughter is preferable to tears : ]

It's good!

Hi! I'm a young kid between the ages of 10 and 14 years. I thought the cartoon was ok even though I don't like to see things hurt. Um....... I read your revew on the song thing =(Lets get Meditational)= from the newgrounds audio portal. R u a buhhudist, 'cause I am! I'm also a wiccan, but it'd be so cool to know that there's another buhhdist here in the U.S.A. . Please answer my reveiw?

Liked It!!

I liked the song, and the drawing style.
It was a little saddening, poor litlle dolphins... but the last one, the one that jumps and gets freezed, was beautiful.
It was deep, in It's very own way!!

Keep it up!!

^ - ^

Quarl responds:

lol. glad you liked it.

Though short, it is a sweet piece that sticks in t

I really like some of the music/visual synching - specially the bit where the dolphin's playing in the water and you fade in/out 3 pics. In face, everything from that point forward was kinda lovely.

One criticism - I found that had you not explained it in your author's comments, I wouldn't have understood the story at all. Also, you make the picture of the frozen dolphin look almost joyful and beautiful, whereas it should surely be a bit more melancholy - perhaps end with the dolphin in a more submissive, sad sorta pose. We anthropomorphise everything, so simply having the head held down, maybe the body a bit more curled would have made us more likely to think 'poor dolphin'.

As mentioned, I really liked some of the scenes you picked, such as the boy/reflection watching the dolphins.

However, the drawings themselves were almost sloppy-looking in some ways. Mainly because of the shapes of the boy/dolphins, which were at times almost atrocious. You kinda need to study the form a bit more if you wanna improve.

Though short, it is a sweet piece that sticks in the mind. Specially after hearing the story, it's a piece I'm unlikely to forget.

Quarl responds:

Har, i'm glad you liked it. In anycase, just to defend myself, if you think my characters are sloppy, then don't watch my other cartoons. It's my style. If I really wanted, I could make them all anime, or just to piss you off, chibi, but that would be really lame. And the dolphin frozen bit, well, that's all good advice. I'd take the time to go back and change the drawing up a bit, but i'm really too busy working on my next cartoon.

Thanks for the super review!

dolphins sushi

Bad and mean joke aside (i bet the japanese are creaming their pants at the thought of Dolphin sashimi LOL no offense japan ppl , im just being mean again :P i luv japan (seriously))...It was a smooth flowing and pleasant flash to watch, with a music that suits the job and binds it down nicely , the graphism could be better , but overall was good. I Only thing that i must point out is , that the flash was a bit short, so it didnt develope the plot properly .....otherwhise it was good smooth and enjoyable .

Hope to see some more

Quarl responds:

Hey, thanks for the review. I'm glad you thought my toon was enjoyable. I'm not sure how many japanese people take offense to sushi jokes, but you seem really keen on not angering any of those people :)

,and yes, you will see more from me very soon. Just you wait...

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4.44 / 5.00

Jan 30, 2007
5:06 PM EST