Rapid Reaction Master

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OMG!!!! Frontpage =O!!!!!! I cant believe this ^_^.just to say "thanks" isnt enough :) thank you Newgrounds! thank you Tom! thanks to all people that made this possible =).I cant really describe how i feel! this is so good ^^ More will come!

New Version: 1.1!
-Less Random time!
-Fast Paced! Runs at 77 fps!. Other versions ran at 72 fps
***IMPORTANT*** You win prize points by completing the main game. You can use those points

to unlock minigames and other stuff in the prizes section

This is a fast paced reaction game, where you will have to beat each level in the lowest

time possible. Your time is counting in milliseconds, so dont waste time, all counts!

I started this project 2 months ago, thinking that i would finish it in a week... but 2

months later, i added 3 levels, 4 practice levels, 3 minigames, awesome graphics, 3D models

and more!.

New and original gameplay
3 main game levels
Save and load your game automatically.
Awesome sound effects and music
3D effects, Particles, shaking system and bulletholes!
Top 10 scoreboards! by Armorbot.

Sponsored by Armorgames
Enjoy and thank you so much for playing, i really appreciate!

-tomylee =D


too short

nice, but not enough content and too easy

it's a nice idea to make a game where you reload and maintain a gun in such a detailed way and where you can also do a reaction test. but it's much too short and much too easy. i'm looking forward to part 2. more guns (maybe even different types of weapons, like knives) and more gameplay would be nice. and i don't wanna sound stupid, but also, i think you should add a mode where you kill people. with blood and maybe gore. seriously. that would make it more actionyishly... thingy. y'know what i mean. and it would be cool lol.


fun game i really like it but i wish there was more lvls so pls make more PLEASSE lol :P

for your next creation

it coud be realy nice if you can put more weapon in the game but go on nice game

tomylee responds:

I'll make Rapid Reaction Master 2, It will have more levels, more guns and better gameplay :)


you know I have just spent the last 2 hours looking for this game...I played it before when i didnt like guns and weapons but now it is the BEST game in the world and it is acctually worth playing unlike many other games

tomylee responds:

Thank you for your review! I'm actually developing Rapid Reaction Master 2! I want to add a lot of features i couldn't add in the first one :)

Thanks :)


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3.68 / 5.00

Jan 29, 2007
6:22 PM EST
Puzzles - Other