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Synthetic Intelligenetic

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Author Comments

This is a cartoon dealing with the dilemma a robot faces when his master is kidnapped by the military. He may only be programmed for moving heavy boxes but his heart fights for justice and freedom.

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my first flash review XD

well I'm starting to make the review for yah, i'll try my best ^^

General score:

Animation: 7/10
Story: 8/10

Animation: well its seems rather simple, the way they walk, the form of there body's and all, but its well drawn, looks smooth that is, and its original the style itself

Story: well its also simple but there is no better story to connect to robotics than government conspiracy ^^

Audio: you try to put and audio that try to connect with the animation, that's good and all but the audio seem liked it was coming from outside the flash, need some mastering and you should have put some thing more catchy so that the seer would enjoy

Dynamic: this 10 is due to your intro, its combines with the topic, and second you put something that most people don't put, the play,pause, return and forward buttons...many flash you see in newgrounds you can't pause with such commodity, it could use a scroll bar if you wanted to see a particular part, but the flash is short so no need

sorbitol responds:

Why Hello Thar!!

I'm glad you (sort of) liked this er... thing.
This was only my second Flash cartoon so it was all about practice.
I haven't submitted my very first cartoon to NG because I plan to remake it once I get good.

Sorry about the dreadful audio. This was back in the days before I knew about NG's audio portal so I had to make my own music. I'm no musician and I think that comes across really well :)

Oh, I would love to include a scroll bar but every time I try to program one it goes wrong :(
I think the buttons are good enough really. For now!

Thanks for the review!!! :)

Overall i think it was very well done.

Well done, i thought it was a bit random though, with all those weird roads and mountain type things. I like that text at the end, These events do not take place until 2356.

Great Flash

Very Nice Work! Great skill with the "Transforming" of the Robots!
Can't wait for the next one!

good one

that was a very nice animation. the robot was a pretty cool character, nice drawings, cool audio, a nice plot to it... though i have seen the "robot built for good, stolen by military" idea used before, but it was still quite nice and it was good to watch.

nice work on this one.

Made me want to stand up and cheer!!!

That was terrific! This should clean up on awards and zoom straight to the front page. If not, I will be sooo hacked!

In this case, I'm substituting the "humor box" for "number of times you went duuuude!". As you can see, I gave it a "10".

Credits & Info

4.34 / 5.00

Jan 28, 2007
6:41 PM EST