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Kingdom Hearts 2 Short

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This is a short animation I put together this week. The animation is short, but funny. hope u enjoy watching it. comments are appreciated

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I thought that was really funny when Axel threw the big enemy at Roxas

This was hilarious,i haven't laughed at something so stupid in quite some time XD

Poor Roxas.

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahah ahahahahahahahahahahaha this wack funny




this is about the only vid thats about the second KH. i actually was expecting a gay scene between roxas and axel (chill, im not a perv) but this was funny too. lill question tho, what world were they in. "the world that never was" or "traverse town". (prob not traverse town, that KH1 stuff. but i like to ask questions and type a lot like im doing right now. oh crud i forgot to put a ")". well lemme do that right away. ya kniw this is just a way to type more. shouldnt have said that hu? well lemme just put a ")" and ill stop typing. ok? ok.). (now dont abuse this, i just like to type) :3