Hitlers head 2

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The adventures of hitlers head: part 2ยจ

The second part of a trilogy.


Hitler Bastard Retard!!!!!!!I HateHitlerNaziBitch!

Hitler Bastard Retard!!!!!!! I Hate Hitler Wut A Dumb4ss!!!!!!!! Nazi Dump ShitHead Mother F***ER!!!!!!!!!!! >:(

ZombieToaster responds:

Hmm so you posted this on both movies. Aswell as gave bad scores to movies that obviously agree with your views... Hmm, you are a peculiar man.

I must break you

Good graphics? Check.
Catchy music? Check.
Shitty sense of humor? Check.
Strange historical references? Check.

Sounds like a Noob Nation flash to me :)

Best wishes, SoF

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The only thing I really liked about it was the opening theme... which actually seemed to last longer than the vid itself. It's way too short and childish humour which not even a child would laugh at.

mistakes mistakes mistakes

i didnt like the fact you spelt two really easy words wrong, machine and fuhrer the graphics werent too good, sound was very bad cause it was very distorted sounding, violence only got 1 because the only violence was ivan drago hitting hitler. your gettin a blam

ZombieToaster responds:

Both of those words were spelled like that on purpose. learn your nn history before bashing my spelling :P
as you said. its not hard words to spell.


this is a perfect example of a great waste of talent.
You obviously know how to use flash, I can clearly see that in the way that you animate things. So I guess what happened here is that the story made no sense,(I guess it doesn't have to though) you could have at least spelled machine right... nitpicking sorry.
The sound was a little lacking, and left more to be desired.
All in all I give this a four, bringing this down to blam level.
I don't blam to make you mad, I blam to make sure that quality flash titles make it to the public not this crap.

ZombieToaster responds:

as i said to the reviewer above. Machine was spelled wrong on purpose.

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2.67 / 5.00

Jan 27, 2007
1:56 AM EST
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