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this is my first flash movie, and ive had it for awhile and just never put it up. the first installment of Sonic Armageddon wont be out for months, becuase ive been working on 2 other series, The Moranes, and Team Noid, so stay tuned for those, rate friendly, your ideas and criticism is welcome, thanks, something i shouldve mentioned earlier(sry guys) but that its only a concept trailer, which means what happens will probly be different , but i wont dissapoint, and sonic looks much better in the actual series.

wow its been over a year since i posted this trailer, but the flash isnt dead,
The Moranes and Team Noid are dead, and Team Noid is probably never coming out, but thats because i found i liked doing my Starguyz series more lol
as for Sonic Armageddon, it will not be a series but rather one large flash movie, its about 3 quarters done, and looks great, so hold in there a couple more months


After a long ass hiatus, production has once again commenced, and I'm much more skilled at flash than I was 4 years ago, so the flash will get the attention it deserves, as was my plan the whole time of course.

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good story but who the fuck is Armageddon

AgentSneak responds:

http://dictionary.reference.com/brows e/armageddon

dude you rule

very nice work the most flash films i have seen where not as nice like this one btw what is the name of the first song ?????? pm me pleas i mean the slow and nice song before the explosion dude you rock keep on whit the good work

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Dude, stfu...

I dunno about the guy bellow me but I think that was brilliantly animated, better than the other sonics (all of em) ive seen on NG


wtf its been 8 months man hurry up and sonics body did look wierd


Quite an awesome work of animation you have here. Sonic's body looks a bit weird though, but anyway. I can see a great talent in animation here.

Keep it up...

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Jan 26, 2007
2:39 PM EST
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