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Author Comments

This movie is too intelligent for you to understand.

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That was rather amusing

Although that had nothing to do with JEOPARDY! it was still amusing to watch.

I liked it!!!


vot3 4-5

this was so stupid, its funny!

i must be an idiot

because i didnt find this amusing. at all. i realize how time consuming stop-motion animation is, so i feel bad that so much has been wasted on this. the comment “this film is too intellectual for most of the audience here to find amusing” is the funniest thing on the page.

Hoogiman responds:

That was the joke.

Everyone here is so stupid.

U still play with legos?

Liked it, but make it in flash next time, but overall it was good :D Nice :D

Simma' down nah!!

That might have been funny if you are a second grader in need of Prozac.I gave a zero for graphics because it was a video;graphical quality would naturally rely on your hardware,which you obviously did not create. Also the voices were whiny and way over-acted. Pop a "Chill Pill" ya' spazoid.

Hoogiman responds:

Hey, while we're pointing out the bleeding obvious:

Flash by pigmother:
- none -

Thanks for the new information, I would have never gained this overwhelmingly intelligent knowledge if it weren't for you. The voices were overacted? Wow, I would have never guessed!

Please die.

Credits & Info

3.00 / 5.00

Jan 24, 2007
11:09 PM EST
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