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Yoshi's Island - CC

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Author Comments

*SpRiTe HaTeRs MAY watch, but don't vote if you don't like it.
Even if you don't want to, review for my sake, please. I love to respond to reviews.

Omg, such a drastic change in file size from MAA (Mario's Awesome Adventure), but it's rating is up to you guys to decide. This movie has MOVIE CONTROLS, so you can fast-forward, rewind, pause, and mute, at the press of a button! In this one, Yoshi and Luigi get fused together. The rest you will find out. Yes, and if you PM me a color you would wish to use, and your material is used, your credit will be that color!
By the way, when Luigi's head comes off, you might want to rewind to see it the way it was intended to by, crappy flash was messing with my sync.


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it was cool, wat r u going to do to me, rape just kidding lol i like it make more


Since the music stopped every time the text shows up... blagh.

And besides, even if you don't have the sprites, you could be creative. Like I have this SA2 comic, so since I didn't have a helicopter, I used a Yoshicopter, lol. You coulda used some sprites of a cave/underground from Yoshi's Island and put some Mario stuff in it so it seems like a Mario Cave? Heck if I know. I mean, you probably shouldn't even have made Mario say that if you weren't going to do anything more about it.

Anyway, besides that, the flash was pretty good. The joke at the end was pretty funny. I feel sorry for Luigi though...

So... that's what I think.

Bomber109 responds:

I agree entirely with that review.

I was just tired with this movie, so I got lazy and discontinued it. Blargh.

lol funny

cool dude i have yoshi iland on my GBA good film i liked the part i will rape u lol

Bomber109 responds:

Thanks. Your one of the people who found the real purpose for this film.

Had potential but feels unfinished

I can see you have some skill in animating sprites but this movie suffers from many child diseases.

First of all there's how the music stops every time you have to advance the text. This is really annoying and disturbs the experience.

Then there's this really sudden and anticlimatic ending. The princess has been kidnapped and mario is running towards his cave... I was waiting to see a nice mario batman parody and possibly a nice fight between him and bowser afterwards. It leaves me with a feeling that you got tired of the movie and just forced it to end quickly so you could submit.

The main positive part would be the graphics though. You have the screen nicely filled and good use of scrolling and zooming.

As I said... the potential is there but be sure to finish up the next movie properly.

Bomber109 responds:

That's not a good way to put that, bastard.

But do you want to have the "movie controls"? That's the only way, so live with it.

Ya' know, I leave my movies off where I can't animate anymore. Do you have any Batman sprites that would fit the style? Can you make me a "Mario/Bat Cave?" I would have made a part like that, but people like you expect to much to realize that I can't do that shit.

OK, you don't care about the sprite-ity? Cool.

You expect too much. My movies are short, random, and anticlimactic, so get used to it.

Some missing pieces.

This was well animated and decent overall, but I have to questions for you. First, how does running into each other count as fusion? Second, what happened to the ending? Luigi gets shaken off and thats it? Anticlimatic don't you think. With your skill, you can do better. Look forward to future submits. 3/5

Bomber109 responds:

Yeah, story = worst part.

Credits & Info

4.22 / 5.00

Jan 24, 2007
4:30 PM EST