Stick Stage Special

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This movie contains 'moves' just click on it and select the random techniques you'd like to see."
and ofcourse it has the 'movie' in it.
Round 1 consist purely out of Stick fighting
and Round 2 consist of my own Stick style.

Stop reading and start watching :D enjoy


so what that he copy!!!!

i dont care that u copy the moves from dbz or naruto i think this video was great 10/10

To narutofan44: Response and Review

Do you have ANY idea how many people copy off Naruto and DBZ? I could make books the size of dictionaries full of examples of people who copy those shows. But I will admit that you copied quite a bit. Like Keeo said, you could've made up your own moves. It's ok by my terms to copy the main idea, but not the whole detail. And Chidori? You could've made up your own move lots better than that one. But that's just my opinion. Now for the board:

Story: 8/10 (I'm assuming the story follows off from SSBF 3. There were a couple things that could've amplified the story, but it was good overall.)
Animation: 9/10 (Pretty neat animation for a stick figure type movie! There were a couple "rough edges" though.)
Originality: 3/10 (Personally, the fact you stole too much took this score down quite a bit. You at least could've made your own moveset!)
Action: 10/10 (Even though you stole a bit too much (Sorry for repeatin this so much, but it has prime factors to the scroe. :P), I found there to be a lot of action. I enjoyed that you could make the most of just 1 on 1 fighting!)
Humor: N/A (Obviously, humor isn't a category for your case since this isn't supposed to be a comedic flash.)

It was a valiant effort. You could've gotten a 10 easy! But the overcopying left you wide open to blamming! Nice job.

this sucks!

you copying no life bitch get your own fucking ideas and stop stealing naruto and dbzs! you fucking fail at life now go crawl in a hole and fucking die!


DUDE STOP stealing TV show moves i mean the chidori u could have at least made it a little different from the actual thing just make up your own moves i would have given u a 10 but u copied to much.

Nice mixing

I'll give you a 6/10 and 4/5 because i like DBZ and Naruto, but the 4 "no stars" are because you did not copy the moves correctly, like in Round 2, Its Water Style, Water Dragon Jutsu.

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3.22 / 5.00

Jan 24, 2007
6:11 AM EST