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Imperial Bootcamp III

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After two and a half years of delays we have finally decided to complete our epic action figure saga. Be sure to check out Imperial Bootcamp I&II, as well. This time around, it is all out war between the rebels and the imperials. Stranded on tatooine, the imperials are down to their last leg. Can Sgt. Maul lead his men to a victorious battle against the evil rebel leader, Jar Jar Binks? Nightmare, War, Jar Jar Binks.

The Movie is over 11 minutes long so forgive us for the file size.

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it was very good but...

the explosions looked HORRIBLE. other than that, it wasnt half bad

HauptmannGurken responds:

They were real, too.

I'm gonna tell you why i liked it

I'm surprised you didnt get a 5. That was very well done. I can see you put a lot of effort into that flash. There should be more animtors like you. By the way, How long did it take to make that? And where did you get all the sets and characters?

HauptmannGurken responds:

We built the sets out of clay and other Star Wars figure accessories. The characters... Well, they generally come from a store.

Eh... inconsistant

The graphics were stop animation, lightsabers basic
The style was stop animation, much kudos, that style intimidates me
The sounds were alright
The voice acting was about par
The violence was good
The humor was a mixed up bag of pop culture references all over the place, cliche's abound


this woz weak the graphics were bad nd darth maul and jar jar were NOT in the galactic civil war era nt very gd at all

HauptmannGurken responds:

ur speeling is nt very gd at all eether.

Unlike the others...

My being a fan of star wars has no effect on my ability to review this submission fairly. I thought the graphic quality was poor and the jokes were weak. The use of characters was good and the animation was decent. Try to make it less pixely and improve sound quality.

Credits & Info

4.08 / 5.00

Jan 24, 2007
12:53 AM EST