Massage Chair

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This was inspired by a trip to the massage chair store...

It's short, but pretty good with good animation!


lol, silly!!!!

that was pretty funny, but what was the thing on his chest at the end? pm me the answer please.

Homeless responds:

i'm too lazy to PM.

it was supposed to be a spike that came out of the chair and spilled his intestines out.

massage chairs hurt

hmmmm well this one actualy made me laugh....sad i know. ive so had that happen tp me at a massage chair store. well not the dieing part but i mean stupid ppl always tell you to get out of the chairs when its like impossible

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cool one

that was an alright claymation.... pretty amusing as well. the whole idea/concept with the massage chair was cool. i was a little bit skeptical at first, but once it get going, i got a great laugh out of this one. it was pretty funny.

Not bad.

I don't usually like clay animations but this was ok.

The voice of the blue clay figure (who I'm assuming was supposed to be female) wasn't very convincing and I gave you a zero on graphics because I'm not too sure clay can have graphics... but don't worry, that doesn't affect my over all score any :)

It was pretty funny and as far as I could tell, well done also.

Keep up the good work :)

very nice work

pretty good for a hobo
most hobos that i see can only scratch themselfs with forks or ask me if i got the jonja.
let alone make a flash
but very nice

Homeless responds:

Not many people appreciate a hobo's work.

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3.30 / 5.00

Jan 21, 2007
7:18 PM EST
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