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Majora's Mask Quiz

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If any answers are incorrect than please tell me! I've done my best to check through them and found them to be accurate. ALSO notice that there is a scoring system!

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And I thought I knew MM

I realized I forgot a couple of things about Majora's Mask after taking this
the first time. And it's my favorite Zelda game too! XD

Good job making this quiz! Very well done, not too easy nor too hard.

Also, note on the review by e-vil: It is 5 masks, you forgot the Kamaro
mask from Kamaro the dancer. :)

one mistake

Wow! I thought I knew more about Zelda! Anyway, the mistake is:

You get 4 masks with the song of healing: Deku (when you learn it), Goron, Zora, and the gibdo mask

one wrong but everything else is ok

there was one wrong for the "how powerful is the great fairy's sword" insteadof(wont say) it really is weaker than thehelix sword but more powerful than the guilded sword. so other than that, great game!

Not bad but...

Its alright in its own way, didnt interest me very long. On the question what happends on the last day, the awnser is (wont tell spoiler) But it could also be the earth explodes, or the other option with alot of fire right?

Overall pretty descent,
keep up the work :)

Not bad.

That's a pretty good quiz. That really tested my knowledge of the game. The only thing that sucked about Majora's Mask was the save feature. Ocarina of Time's save feature was better. Luckily, I still own both of them for the N64. :)

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Jan 19, 2007
5:20 PM EST