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ECO Battler

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Note: The default gameplay quality is set to low, which makes the game run more smoothly. Use the Quality toggle button to change this if you feel your PC is capable of running the game on the high setting. Though, all you'll gain is better looking text.

See the options menu for instructions.
Press P to pause gameplay.
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This game is a simplified recreation of one my favorite horizontal shooters, Ultimate Ecology, a Japanese arcade game for CPS-2.

Read on for boss tips
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Boss 1:
The wheel arm is most effective.
The red laser does the most damage against you.

Boss 2:
The circle of turtles can not be destroyed, you must dodge them.

Boss 3:
Stay wide of this boss, it's movements are hard to predict.

Boss 4:
The hammer arm is most effective.
Don't get frustrated.

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Not bad

Overall a decent shooter. The only thing that confused me is that you put instructions under the "option" menu. Why does the "config" menu TELL me how to control the ship, instead of allowing me to... well... config the controls?

Lame Story

Thematically, this game is pretty retarded.

So you disagree with this mining company, and you're just going to use violence to resolve the dispute? I should hope that by the time humanity became capable of inter-stellar travel, let alone large scale inter-planetary economic development, child-rearing modes would be such, that violence was no longer the default mode of conflict resolution.

And when it comes down to it, a private business is not going to hire an army to defend the operation of their business. Do you have any idea how expensive warfare is? It is just not economically viable, a company that didn't want to go out of business would resolve any conflict arising over it's environmental policies through non-violent compromise.



I like it

It reminds me of an old platformer that i used to play on my Tubo Duo Graffix 16

Great game, but...

There is a glitch in level 4 that disables your bombs, so you are only able to fire your normal shots.

No joke. Even when you die and continue, you are still unable to use bombs on level 4.

Other than that, nice game.

Credits & Info

3.77 / 5.00

Jan 18, 2007
2:23 AM EST