The City Rules

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Well, this is my second submission to NG. This is a short stick movie, on which i wanted to improve my skills. The first flash i submitted was waaay worse, tell me how can i improve or etc. Oh, and for people, who have seen my first submission, please tell me, if this is better.



it was an alright stick animation... very very short and not all that exciting, but i did like the music from the audio portal in this one though, it was nice... i totally recommend you continue using it in your future flashwork.

another stick figure fight?

good for a stick fight but WAAAAAAY to short perhaps you know make it a little longer instead of a 10 second thing? anyhoo

Graphics 6 the background was very well done the only thing stopping you from getting a 7+ was teh fact teh sticks where so badly drawn you might want to add faces and eyes and maybe a form of clothing to tell each one apart

Style 3 its a stick figure fight and the fighting upon the walls was something out of a Beano magizne the fact they where crawling up the walls waspretty crappy

Sound 5 allright nothing special but it didnt match the sort of mood of running away

Violence 2 you got a 2 becasue i seen a guy get hit with a rokkit not much else

Interacticity 0 no reall explanatoin needed here

Humour 2 the rokkit launcher a guy being hit by one isnt funny but at least its mildly amuseing

Overall 4 if it wasent for the charchters being the same you could have got higher give it a bit of work and youll probably bbecome really good just something like a set of eyes or a cowboy hat or anything

well good luck for future flash movies

Drag0nSnak3 responds:

Thx, oh, and by the way, i'm already remaking this: adding voice acting, drawing more detailed and adding some storyline.

it was alright

it was short but maybe if you made the graphics a little better and the movie a little longer you could have someting going here

Drag0nSnak3 responds:

Yeah, i'll try to make it better, maybe into a series, dunno.


I'm afraid I couldn't score this highly. The graphics were impressive in the effort which appeared to be put into a lot of the frame by frame but they were still severely undeveloped. The style was the same trite random stick battle. The music was unpleasant and the sound effects are ones I've heard countless times in other animations. The violence I gave a six because while there was plenty of it it was not imaginative or well portrayed. I gave it a two for interactivity for the minimal actionscript implemented in the on(release){gotoandplay();} for the dialogue buttons. Humor is self explanatory, I didn't find it funny.

It's noteworthy that you have the patience to go through and do all that frame by frame work, it can be a lot of work. Keep up practicing with animations like this and then move up to something with more substance, but remember you don't need to submit all of your practice works.

Drag0nSnak3 responds:

Well, this wasn't actually just a practice, this thing was just too see if people would like it. This may turn into a series, if i would make it longer and with better graphics.

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2.09 / 5.00

Jan 17, 2007
10:41 AM EST
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