Spinister Ep. 005

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spinister kills a cop



what song is the first one when it first starts ?? >____>;
It's hawtt.

Damn you!

I'll bet this only passed because all of the "Sin" crew fived it. I am not going to critisize you on that because i would do the samething lawl.But you dont even need them to get your flash through if you just added some more animation to this, the graphics are very unique and stylish. If you expanded this movie with the sort of animation you have there, you could probably get a home pager.

Spinister responds:

there is no such thing as a "Sin Crew", they are all my alts

and yeah i agree i just need a story that doesnt suck total ass or i need a bunch of faggots to massvote my shit

i mean how do you think Eddsworld and Wonchop win awards its certainly not because they are funny, talented or original


maybe in the future instead of submitting something that wastes peoples time with pointless animation you could put your skills to use and make something good. or maybe i'm just the only one who wants something good idk

Spinister responds:

fuck u???


Could of been made into something good.

Spinister responds:



you seeme to have good skills, why not use it in something cool, if you even made the shortest story in this, it would likely get passed..

and whatsup with all the acounts?

Spinister responds:

because i can't come up with a story so i just make random shit in flash and flood newgrounds

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1.48 / 5.00

Jan 16, 2007
9:52 AM EST
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